Sound Pack 2 - Rhythmic Loops

A set of 25 Rhythmic Loops to add rhythmic variety to your scores.

Featuring a variety of cinematic-hybrid loops, this sound pack consisting of 25 different rhythmic loops will help add rhythmic intensity to your scores. Each of the loops have individual stems for each layer, and these can be mixed and matched with stems of other loops to create your own set of unique rhythmic loops.

  • Includes 25 Rhythmic Loops (100 + Sounds) with multiple stems per loop.
  • Tailor-made for use in a variety of scoring situations.
  • Sounds range from dark, eerie moods to more aggressive textures
  • Formats Include : WAV Loops, Apple Loops, Acid Loops and REX Loops.

Listen to SP2 - Rhythmic Loops

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