Creative Session: Composer David A. Molina on ARPS

October 26, 2016

We all know that speed is essential in this business. Composer David A. Molina raves about the quality and simplicity of ARPS that he usually craves in libraries. 

I’m all about simplicity. I tend to create better sounds with simple (even limited) interfaces,” he says. “I don’t like crowded and overly complex interfaces, so I felt right at home with ARPS. It’s really easy and quick to get some essential cinematic rhythms."

He just finished his recent track “Chasing Time” that features ARPS Kicks and Ticks.

Have a listen!

About David:

Despite having never gone through formal training, music has always been a core part of David’s life. At around 15 years old, he started teaching himself piano, which then lead to synths, mixing and now film scoring. Even though a lot of his music incorporates electronic elements, David is a huge fan of romantic and period drama film scores - that's what got him into film scoring, after all. He feels that part of the beauty of film scoring is being able to experiment with all kinds of genres.

ARPS is available now for $99.

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