What Composers & Press Are Saying About PADS & ARPS by Umlaut Audio

September 16, 2016

Our new software instruments, PADS and ARPS, are getting great reviews from top composers and press!

PADS is a virtual synth instrument that combines two separate layers of natural and organic sounds that tastefully build, while ARPS is a virtual arpeggiator instrument that uses four separate layers of sample-based percussive sounds to provide endless possibilities of rhythmic patterns.

Check out what's being said about the two products below.


Top Composers’ Thoughts on PADS and ARPS

"With PADS and ARPS, Umlaut has made it easy and straightforward to take some of the fundamental elements of sampling and mold them to your creative vision. They are a welcome addition to my toolbox.”
- John Debney (Jungle Book, Ice Age: Collision Course, Iron Man 2)

“I am having a really great time working with Umlaut Audio’s ARPS and PADS. The instruments are extremely intuitive and a wonderful addition to my arsenal of sound tools.”
- John Ottman (X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: Days of the Future Past, The Nice Guys)

“ARPS is fun and useful when writing. The user-friendly interface is intuitive, making this rhythmic synth simple to use.”
- Tyler Bates (300, Watchmen, Guardians of the Galaxy)

“Umlaut PADS provides me with a wealth of inspiring and entirely usable pad sounds, drones and atmospheres, which can be easily layered into my music. The interface is straightforward and simple to use, and at the same time provides me with all the necessary controls to create both the simplest and most complex of textures.”
- Harry Gregson-Williams (The Martian, Shrek 1, 2, 3 & 4, The Narnia series)


Press Reviews of PADS and ARPS

“[ARPS is] a highly polished package of 4x Kontakt 5 arpeggiated, rhythm instruments that sit amazingly in any film-based, TV-based, or even EDM based production.”
- Ask.Audio

“I have to say I’m really impressed with PADS...I love the randomize options, which allow you to experiment and get great results fast.”
- Rekkerd

“An incredible palette of sounds. Easy to use interface. PADS is an SLR Fantastic Buy based on the comparative functionality, design and price point.”
- Sample Library Review

“Umlaut Audio ARPS pops as a powerful percussion arsenal in a very small package!”
- Sample Library Review

“I don’t use synths and sound design tools very often, but when I do, I need a tool that is easy to use and gets me writing quickly. PADS and ARPS features a streamlined user interface that flows nicely and does not limit my creative process.”
- Samples Spotlight

“At the end of the day, if you need lots of percussive rhythms in your music, ARPS is a very neat and effective instrument to add to your collection. The main problem it causes me, is that it makes me want to buy their PADS instrument too!”
- The Sound Architect




PADS and ARPS are available (separately) for digital download at the Umlaut Audio shop. Users have the option to purchase the full version of PADS ($149) and ARPS ($99) or take advantage of a limited free trial that’s available for both.

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