Composer Shawn Rorie on using ARPS

April 11, 2017

We develop the tools that help create music. The actual magic though happens when the composer starts writing his score. The best part of our job is to hear all the music it inspires.

Composer Shawn Rorie explains how he created his cue "Burning the silence", using ARPS

"Right off the top, you can hear the Umlaut KickARPS setting the pulse for the cue. Of course, there's some distortion tacked on there. I find lately that I add some level of distortion to numerous things across the mix, which can really make them leap out. This brings out a cool certain harmonic element while adding some nice angst."

"As the cue progresses, a few different Umlaut Kicks will pop up. About 1 min in I started to pan off one Kick hard left and a completely different Kick hard right each doing their own pattern so that were not to loose that Pulse. As we get to the biggest part of the cue there's a dirty 1/8 note, bottom end punch which is the MidArps heavily compressed and sent out to an old BOSS Super Overdrive peddle than into my old DOD 680 Analog Tape Delay Peddle and then back in. 


Click to listen to "Burning the Silence                     

"Generally, I like to experiment and not really use sounds right out of the box. So for me, it's about some sort of morphing. Whether it be from peddles and amps or messing with plugins forever...ya know? So I'd say I spend more time on that side of the coin rather than inside the virtual instrument. Arps is the perfect tool for me because I can quickly generate simple rhythmical patterns and then mess around with it." 

Listen to another track called "Soaking in Tension".


"It seems most sessions I do lately have some sort of Umlaut instrument rolling through it."

Plugins used: ARPS 

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About Shawn Rorie    


An Emmy Nominated Composer, Shawn covers the spectrum as an accomplished Songwriter, Producer, and Artist. His numerous years of writing, touring, and recording helped develop a pure, deep and rich musical foundation to draw upon while acquiring a special knack for fusing high-end production with his own Indie, sometimes dark quirky songwriting style to create a unique, authentic, cutting-edge sound. 

As an artist, Shawn started his journey as the guitarist in numerous bands. He was performing in the nightclub scene of San Francisco by age 13, sold out venues by his late teens and then sharing the stage with such acts as Radiohead, Flaming Lips, Beck and Foo Fighters by his 20's.

As a songwriter, Shawn has spent his time between Los Angeles and Nashville crafting his writing abilities, which led to numerous Artist's recording his songs. He now focuses most of his time on composing for Television and has built an impressive resume. With music on over 400 Television shows, he has musically contributed to productions stretching from The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Avalon High (Disney) Biggest Loser and Teen Titans, all the way to UFC Fight Night, NASCAR on FOX and the award nominating Documentary 8 Broken Hearts, as well national Ad campaigns for Honda, IBM, Swag, and Save The Music.

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